What, why and when!

So, the reality of the initial task I set myself was that it very quickly became a chore. I have to say with the greatest respect to the artists : ), that Kiss Destroyer very nearly put me off music entirely and the thought of Cindi Lauper up next (with the exception of Time after Time) just made me realise that there were other things I needed to do, rather than be prescriptive about the order of, or indeed what I listened to.

What has happened in the interim is that I have probably listened to as much music and attended as many gigs than at any time  in my recent life. I have just not blogged about any of it.

In that period, several (of the admittedly limited) albums I listened to from the top 500 are regular listening partners. Wilco, ZZ Top, MGMT all of which I didn’t regularly listen to before and The Stone Roses, which I did.

So what I thought I would do now (not that anyone but me is interested), is to turn this into an occasional random dip into the top 500 (more for records I don’t know), and then primarily to describe stuff I (and t’wife)  have been listening to (if that’s all right with the myriad of users who have been waiting for this blog to start up again to fill the cultural void its absence has created!). So….

2 thoughts on “What, why and when!”

  1. That sounds good to me, Rob 🙂 And maybe I’ll drop in the odd suggestion of what else could go on your list.

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