488 – Hüsker Dü – New Day Rising



First listen completed, initial thoughts are that I am not sure it is an album to sit and listen to from start to finish in a smoking jacket with a glass of tawny port.

‘Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill’ and ‘I Apologize’ are the two I remember most and am also enjoying most on first listen. I am sure this will change.

So, this is definitely a ‘weather-specific’ album. Travelling in to work this am. with the sun shining all I wanted to do was turn it up and put my foot down!

I think that it is more an album of its time than a top 500, but hey you can say this about many others on the list.

Tracks I am not so fond of.

‘New Day Rising’ itself

‘Powerline’ – it starts and immediately feels like I should like it then it just doesn’t quite work for me.

‘How to Skin a Cat’, ‘Whatcha Drinkin” and ‘Plans I Make’ – they ran out of ideas a bit at the end methinks.

However, in between these bookends are some good tracks, I am particularly liking ‘Books About UFOs’ at the moment. Will do the last and final listen later.

OK – finally finished this post only 2 years after promising to have finished the top 500. Last and final listen completed my opinion, books about UFOs is my favourite but I haven’t really gone back to this album during my hiatus so I think that says it all

One thought on “488 – Hüsker Dü – New Day Rising”

  1. Had been really looking forward to this, after playing Candy Apple Grey (and in particular Too Far Down) incessantly in my youth…in addition it has dogs on the cover which is always a bonus in my book (don’t tell the cat)…was also a big Sugar fan, but dare I say I’m finding this a bit ‘shouty’?! I bet this was truly great to lurch about the dance floor to after a few too many Mad Dogs at the time, but I fear my life has moved on to something easier on the ear…sigh…

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