497 – The White Stripes – White Blood Cells


On a roll now…

For me this album was always really only about ‘Hotel Yorba’, so lets see what the rest of it is like on ‘listen again’..

Got this one on vinyl only..

white stripes on sofa

So, I quite like the White Stripes, I have 2 albums and have seen them live a few times (always as part of festivals though, never at one of their own gigs). However, I don’t initially think that this album is one that is actually designed to be listened to straight through in its entirety. There are some songs that on first re-acquaintance  I actually don’t really enjoy listening to at all (to quote Alan Partridge – ‘that’s just noise’) however I do like the sound they make for the most part when the songs are strong.

At the moment its still all about ‘Hotel Yorba’..

Because there is effectively so little going on I think that the songs are quite exposed, which is a double-edged sword. When they are good they really work, but I personally don’t think it carries some of the weaker songs.

So, I am struggling with ‘The Union Forever’ and ‘i think i smell a rat’. ‘Aluminum’ I actively want to turn off.

On the other hand I the sound they make in ‘i’m finding it harder to be a gentleman’ is great. ‘Fell in Love with a Girl’ works for me as well, as does ‘The Same Boy You’ve Always Known’ and ‘We’re Going to be Friends’ is a gem.

Even when it’s good it’s not always a comfortable listen though and I think it is one where I respect what they are doing rather than really enjoy it in its entirety.

I have grown to enjoy it more over the listening period, but for me it only works in parts.


Hotel Yorba 14/20

We’re Going to be Friends 13/20

Album 11/20


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