498 – The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses


Only 498 – is someone having a laugh?

About to have the requisite listens, although this is an album I already know very well. ‘I Am the Resurrection’ is one of my favourite songs and this album for me is a set in stone classic.

When I first heard this in 1989, I was living in York and its release coincided with time spent with a group of close friends and our consistent approach to partying in a variety of locations across the country. It is always hard to separate music from its association with  times in your life, so I freely admit that even before I listen again this would be in my top 20.

In the early 2000’s it became one of the constituents of regular late night  (and v loud) music/hi-fi listening sessions with another v good friend of mine, which have also become legendary (at least in my head!).

No pre-existing bias there then!

‘She Bangs the Drums’ followed by ‘Waterfall’ – were the Rolling Stone reviewers listening to something else – is there a different US-based ‘Stone Roses’  who also have a similarly titled album which could explain the error?


OK, just broke out the vinyl for the last listen.  IMHO, listening to music on vinyl is a ceremony and experience which sets it apart from any other medium…

Anyway, after hopping back off my soapbox, nothing more to say except after 3 more listens it is as great as ever,not perfect but great. The quality of the songs (still not a fan of ‘Don’t stop’ though), the confidence that it all exudes.

A band at the top of their game it still gives me a massive feeling of euphoria to listen to it.

Side 1

I Wanna Be Adored 14/20

She Bangs the Drums 17/20

Side 2

Waterfall 16/20

Don’t Stop 9/20

Bye Bye Badman 12/20

Side 3

Elizabeth my Dear 10/20

(Song for my) Sugar Spun Sister 14/20

Made of Stone 15/20

Shoot You Down 14/20

Side 4

This is the One 15/20

I am the Resurrection 19/20




And just to finish – Sunday afternoon rockin’ out to ‘I am the Resurrection’ approaching 50 style.





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  1. yep – Fab almum – exactly what I needed to get me through a rainy monday afternoon working from home :/ As you said – 498? WTF? Oh well 😀

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