Terry Callier

A few weeks ago Emma arrived back from work late on a Friday and had been listening to Iggy Pop’s show on Radio 2 on her way home. She came in and said straight away, ‘Terry Callier – Paris Blues’. We listened to it on You Tube and I immediately ordered the CD (Lookin’ Out).

Since then I haven’t been able to stop playing it. It is just a gorgeous track at any time of day, but if you listen to it late at night, with dimmed lights and a glass of your favourite tipple…  well … just do it and see for your self.

We saw him with Massive Attack a few years ago but, apart from that, he is someone who somehow passed me by and I don’t know how.

Subsequent to this, as Emma is a big Beth Orton fan, we also bought her ‘Best Bit’ Ep in which she duets with Terry Callier. ‘Lean on Me’ from this ep is also fantastic.




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