495 – Bonnie Raitt – Give It Up


I have 2 other Bonnie Raitt albums – ‘Nick of Time’ and ‘Luck of the Draw’ so I am expecting good things from this one…

So, this for me is a fairly nondescript album. It is well played and sung but  just not particularly memorable. It seems a strange choice for the top 500 when other excellent female artists are notable by their absence. Rickie Lee Jones, Nanci Griffith, Alison Krauss and Joan Armatrading to name four immediately.

I say this as someone who likes Bonnie Raitt – ‘ Something to Talk About’ on ‘Luck of the Draw’ is a particularly fine example. I have to once again echo the sentiments of t’wife, I can’t imagine myself ever returning to this one. I struggle to pick out any I would really recommend (or indeed remember tomorrow).

‘I know’ isn’t too bad- if a bit schmaltzy, same goes for ‘You got to Know How’ and ‘Under the Falling Sky’ is almost there – just falls slightly short.

The first few seconds of ‘Love has no pride’ make me instantly think of ‘Do you really want to hurt me’ for some bizarre reason (this was the one that made Blog Connoisseur think of Sheena Easton). I know there is no real resemblance but something about the initial chord progression makes it pop into my head straight away.

Anyway, scores on the doors, 8/20, although I find it pretty hard to rate as I don’t actively dislike it, just don’t particularly like it either – sorry Bonnie.





One thought on “495 – Bonnie Raitt – Give It Up”

  1. Not loving this, sorry Bonnie…was looking forward to one or two stand out tracks, but no and can’t really envisage a time when I would play this album so not really getting why this is here…don’t actively dislike it either just a bit middle of the road…there’s one song that really reminds me of Culture Club, don’t know why and sure Bonnie has been replaced by Sheena Easton on last track…

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